This week's Trivia: LOLCATS!

"Beloved of many, and hated by some, cats have been in the pop-culture limelight ever since some dude found a picture of a cat hanging from a branch and applied the caption "Hang In There!" Since then, folks have been captioning (cat-tioning?) any and all cat photos they can get their hands on, creating thousands of memes, and thereby has the noble feline become the unofficial mascot of the internet. Are you a member of the Cult of Kitteh? Take this quiz to find out!" - Oracle
Earn 50 J!NX EXP if you correctly answer at least 4 questions on the quiz!
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One of the first (if not THE first) lolcats was the plump gray kitteh known as HappyCat. According to this meme, what food (noms) does HappyCat love the best?


What language do cats speak? (Hint: It's known in some circles as the first language born of the intertoobz).


Which famous book has been translated into the aforementioned language of kittehs?


Maru the Cat lives in Japan, and is a YouTube superstar. What is Maru's favorite activity?


There are two sides of every coin, one light, one dark. Good vs. Evil. Who are the two representatives of the dark and light side of kittehs?


"Keyboard Cat" is a widely popular viral video which features a kitteh wearing a blue shirt playing an electronic keyboard. What is Keyboard Cat's real name?


"Longcat" - another famous Kitteh. What is Longcat famous for?


"Nyan Cat" is a very popular animated .gif has made its way around the internet, depicting an animated cat, flying through space and trailing a rainbow behind him. What does Nyan Cat have instead of a regular body?


If you catch a kitteh doing something he should not be doing, who will he blame?


The YouTube vid entitled "An Engineer's Guide to Cats" explores the different scientific properties of kittehs. What method do the engineers recommend for discouraging unwanted/bad kitteh behavior?