Futurama - Season Two

This week's Trivia: Futurama - Season Two

Leeloo returns to bring you another quiz inspired by fan-favorite, Futurama. This time around, all questions are brought to you from the ever-loving season 2.
Earn 50 J!NX EXP if you correctly answer at least 4 questions on the quiz!
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When a freak mining accident traps over 1000 robots and sends Titanium prices through the roof, Bender sells his 40% titanium body to a pawn shop. Who is it then bought by?


On the way back from the Planet of the Moochers, a hungry Planet Express crew discovers a delicious, bite size snack they call "Popplers" on an unidentified planet. Popplers turn out to be what?


What does Bender do to cause the Professor to install an Empathy Chip that allows/forces Bender to feel all of Leela's emotions?


In Anthology of Interest I, which of the following people is NOT a member of the Vice Presidential Action Rangers, who abduct Fry in an attempt to fix a rift in the time-space continuum?


On a drive to Jupiter's Moon, Europa, in Amy's new car, Fry and Amy pass a black monolith with an "Out of Order" sign on it. What classic scifi movie is the black monolith a reference to?


When a bureaucratic mix-up sends them a mandatory fishing license instead of a pet license for Nibbler, the Planet Express crew takes the ship out to sea only to be dragged to the ocean floor by a Colossal-Mouth Bass hooked on the ship's diamond-filament tether. What do they discover at the bottom of the sea?


In "Brannigan, Begin Again", Zapp Brannigan is forced to resign his duties from the DOOP Army after accidentally destroying the new DOOP Headquarters during the ribbon cutting ceremony. What does DOOP stand for?


Impressed by Bender's in-your-face attitude, the Donbot asks him to join the robot mafia. What are the names of the Donbot's other two goons?


When the Planet Express crew surprises Professor Farnsworth with a surprise 150th birthday party, they learn that he has been lying about his age. He is actually 160, the age at which Sunset Squad Robots take the elderly away to what celestial location?


A murderous robot version of what holiday icon terrorizes 30th-century Earthicans each year on his/her corresponding holiday?