Collectible Card Games

This week's Trivia: Collectible Card Games

Collectible Card Games (CCGs), also known as Trading Card Games or Customizable Card Games, have been a facet of geek culture for about 20 years now. Genres have included everything from fantasy and Sci-Fi, to Westerns and Manga. Competition ranges from playing with your bro-skis in your mom's basement, to pros competing for cash prizess totaling over a million bucks. In this week's trivia, we test your CCG knowledge, brought to you by newest J!NX team member, Paragon.
Earn 50 J!NX EXP if you correctly answer at least 4 questions on the quiz!
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Which of these was not a Pokemon you could catch?


In Magic The Gathering what is the slang term predominantly used to describe the situation when you don't draw enough lands to play your corresponding spells?


In the DC Comics and Marvel Comics Trading Card Games produced by Upper Deck Entertainment, what was the name of the "Game Engine" they shared which allowed the games to be played together?


In the game, Legend of the Five Rings (L5R), which of the following was not a major clan?


The World of Warcraft Trading Card Game is known for having special cards that provide virtual vanity items in the online MMO game. What are these cards called?


The World of Warcraft Trading Card Game was originally licensed, designed, and produced by Upper Deck Entertainment. Which company makes it now?


In the popular Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game, what was the name of the main character, also star of the animated series?


Which of these brands was never actually a Collectible Card Game?


Devoted CCG players typically play with their cards protected. What is the most common name of the protection they use?


Redakai is a brand new CCG out this summer based upon the Redakai cartoon of the same name. What new revolutionary card technology(s) has Redakai introduced?