Casual Games

This week's Trivia: Casual Games

Sure, they don't really require as much concentration and dedication. They don’t really have much of competitive circuit to speak of. Yet casual games hold a firm place in many of our hearts. I mean, what better way to kill time at work, or while you're waiting for your prissy boyfriend to finish getting his hair in just that perfect angle?
Earn 50 J!NX EXP if you correctly answer at least 4 questions on the quiz!
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In Plants vs. Zombies, the Dancing Zombie is dressed in the style of which historic pop musician?


In Angry Birds, what is the special ability of the Blue Bird (also known as the Cyan, or Light Blue Bird)?


What is the figure in the center of the Zuma board that shoots colored balls (TWSS)?


Which of the following games involves a grid various jewels that must be manipulated to form rows of identical color, resulting in shattering of said color jewels to spawn replacements?


Which of the following games was adapted as a mini-game in World of Warcraft?


Diner Dash, one of the top downloadable games of all time, stars a stock market worker who leaves her job and buys a diner. What is her name?


Tetris, the classic block puzzle game, was developed in which country?


Chuzzles, from Chuzzle, most resemble which alien creatures from Star Trek lore?


Which company is the developer and publisher of Plants vs. Zombies?


Words with Friends is a tile-based word game very much like which classic board game?