Arcade Cabinets

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Arcade Cabinets

Sure, every household nowadays has one game console, if not more. But in the long lost days of yore, gamers had to find the nearest arcade, which we assault with a fistful of quarters, loudly proclaiming "NEXT!" by placing the shiny coin up next to the monitor. Alas, this practice is rarely seen, as bowling alleys and movie theaters are the final haven for arcade cabinets. Yet, they will always hold aplace in our hearts, as they were the seeds planted for a lifelong love of video games.
Earn 50 J!NX EXP if you correctly answer at least 4 questions on the quiz!
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When Toru Iwatani first developed the game that would be known as Pac-Man, of the following, what did he originally call it?


Which of the following was NOT a playable character in the original version of Capcom's legendary Street Fighter II?


Which of the following was NOT a playable class in the original Gauntlet arcade game?


What was the predecessor to classic space fighter shoot 'em up, Galaga?


What is the name of the character who takes the mantle of Sub-Zero in the first Mortal Kombat Game?


As of the launch of this quiz (Sept. 2011), who is the current world record holder for highest score on the arcade version of Donkey Kong (hammers allowed)?


On an arcade cabinet, which section is known as the "bezel"?


What was the primary technology that allowed Dragon's Lair to be one of the most unique and graphically impressive of its time (1983)?


What is the name of the starfighter piloted by players in 1985's Gradius?


Which company, at the time primarily known for pinball machines, developed the arcade smash, Defender?