The New 52

This week's Trivia: The New 52

DC Comics recently rebooted their entire universe, with each title being relaunched with a new #1 issue. Intended as a perfect chance for new readers to jump on, the move hasn't exactly resonated positively with long-term fans. Of course, you can never really please fanboys, who will inevitably still buy the comics anyway, all the while trolling them on various sites. Still, it has made for exciting times in the comic world, which no doubt have had reverberation through all of geek culture.
Earn 50 J!NX EXP if you correctly answer at least 4 questions on the quiz!
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Before the launch of the New 52, Superman/Clark Kent was married to which classic female supporting character?


While introduced shortly before the New 52 launch and to be included moving forward, what design element was introduced to Wonder Woman's costume that caused quite a level of controversy among fans?


With a new Flash #1 being included as part of the New 52, which character is taking up the mantle of the scarlet speedster?


Dick Grayson returns to the role of Nightwing in a new #1 issue. Before he became Nightwing, what other hero was he known as?


Arguably the best title to come out of the New 52, who is the writer of Animal Man?


How many of the New 52 titles have "Justice League" in the title?


In addition to the number of titles included in the launch, what other significance does "52" have in the DC mythos?


New titles Stormwatch, Voodoo, and Grifter feature characters that were previously handled by which publisher, now defunct?


In quite a bold move, even Action Comics, the longest running sequentially numbered comic ever is being included in the relaunch with a new #1. What issue did it leave off with before the renumbering?


Which of the following is NOT a title included in the New 52?