JJ Abrams

This week's Trivia: JJ Abrams

As one of today's premiere writer/director/producers, JJ Abrams has brought us some of the most exciting moments on film in the last decade. Instead of settling for accessible, mundane, trite stories, Abrams has given his audience some credit and doesn't assume we're all dumbasses. A geek of the highest order, Abrams is held in reverance by many game, movie, science and comic buffs alike.
Earn 50 J!NX EXP if you correctly answer at least 4 questions on the quiz!
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What was the name of the uber-popular show created by JJ Abrams which ran from 2004-2010, dealing with a survivors of a plane crash stranded on a mysterious island?


Of the following, who is the brilliant albeit eccentric scientist character from the sci-fi series, Fringe, created by Abrams, Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci?


At the beginning of Alias, an espionage TV series created by Abrams, for which organization was main character Sydney Bristow working, believing it was a covert division of the CIA?


Which of the following Star Trek movies was directed by Abrams?


Abrams was tapped to direct a film in which of the following espionage film franchises, released in 2006?


Which legendary filmmaker produced Super 8, written and directed by Abrams?


What was the style of film used in Cloverfield, produced by Abrams?


Person of Interest, executive produced by Abrams, is a new show having debuted for the Fall 2011 TV season on which major network?


Alongside other notable figures Joss Whedon, Harold Ramis, and Steve Carell, Abrams has been a guest director on which of the following comedy series?


Abrams has often tapped musician extraordinaire, Michael Giacchino, to be the lead composer on a lot of his work. For which of the following video game franchises has Giacchino also composed music?