The Walking Dead

This week's Trivia: The Walking Dead

I firmly believe that the Walking Dead comics by Robert Kirkman comprise the best zombie story in any medium. Coming in at a close second would be the TV adaptation, entering into its second season as of the launch of this quiz. Since most of the general public would be more familiar with the show, half of the questions in this trivia will be from that, while the other half will be from said comic, just to encourage more people to start reading that masterpiece.
Earn 50 J!NX EXP if you correctly answer at least 4 questions on the quiz!
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In the first episode of the first season of The Walking Dead on AMC, which of the following is the first zombie seen on screen?


How many episodes did the first season run?


Which actor plays the role of main character, Rick Grimes, on the TV show?


Throughout much of the first season, the band of survivors is struggling to make their way to which of the following locations?


Michael Rooker, playing a racist zombie fighter in the show, also played a zombie fighter in an expansion DLC for which first-person shooter game?


As of the launch of this quiz (October 13, 2011) how many individual issues of the Walking Dead have been published by Image Comics?


While the original 6 issues written by Robert Kirkman were illustrated by Tony Moore, which of the following artists has drawn every single issue since?


In the comic book, what is the name of the katana-weilding woman that Rick and the others run into, with two armless zombies in tow?


Which of the following is a major villain in the comic book, even at one point confronting Rick and his band of survivors with a tank?


Which of the following awards did The Walking Dead receive in 2010 for Best Continuing Series?