Portable Gaming

This week's Trivia: Portable Gaming

With today's tech, you can pretty much have video games with you everywhere. Smartphones make it simple, but even early models had that snake game. Before that, though, gaming on the go was pretty limited. Test your knowledge on the current stuff, and everything that led up to it.
Earn 50 J!NX EXP if you correctly answer at least 4 questions on the quiz!
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In what year was the original Game Boy released by Nintendo?


What major difference did Sega's Game Gear have that set it apart from Nintendo's Game Boy?


Which of these games, ported from other systems/media, is not yet available on the iOs devices?


In its short lifespan, how many games were officially releasesed for Nintendo's Virtual Boy in North America?


What was the name of the optical disc format developed by Sony for use in early PSP models?


Which of the following was the first version of the Nintendo DS to have an onboard camera?


Which of these was NOT a launch title for the Nintendo 3DS?


Android tablets have quickly grown in popularity, especially as gaming devices. Which version of the Android OS is specifically intended for use on tablets?


The next generation portable device from Sony is to be called the PSVita, "Vita" being a Latin phrase meaning what?


New gaming systems are making use of device cameras to incorporate surroundings and even players directly in the game. What is this new trend called?