Leading Men

This week's Trivia: Leading Men

Hello, Minions! Oracle, here. As some of you may remember, a few weeks back we put forth a quiz about "Femme Fatales" where we explored the, um... virtues(?) of beautiful ladies in the geek-o-sphere. This week, we'll give the ladies a chance to oggle some hunky dudes as we explore the fascinating topic of on-screen man-meat. X-Ray Specs: Activate!
Earn 50 J!NX EXP if you correctly answer at least 4 questions on the quiz!
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What job did Harrison Ford hold when he was "discovered" by George Lucas?


Which notable he-geek provided the voice for a Marine Sergeant character in Halo 3?


Which of these Bat-Men spent the early part of his career singing and dancing in such movies as Newsies and Swing Kids?


David Tenant, Sean Connery, Gerard Butler, Ewan MacGregor, James McAvoy. What common characteristic do these gentlemen share?


Lord of the Rings star (and general badass) Viggo Mortensen is quite the world-traveller. Which of the following places has he NOT lived in?


Which actor is featured in the "Hey Girl" meme, where his image (usually sporting a thoughtful, faraway look) is paired with phrases illustrating how awesome he is?


Which steely-eyed actor stars in the BBC re-vamp of Sherlock Holmes?


Which catchphrase is the Eleventh Doctor (played by the ever-charming Matt Smith) famous for saying in the Doctor Who series?


Daniel Radcliffe has played everyone's favorite boy-wizard in all of the Harry Potter movies. In an effort to separate himself from such a notable role (and shed his child star image), the 17-year old actor starred in which play?


How many individual claw blades were used by Hugh Jackman (and his four stunt-doubles) during the filming of X-Men?