16-Bit RPGs

This week's Trivia: 16-Bit RPGs

This week's quiz brought to you by Fooknasty. The time of 16-bit RPGs during the SNES and Sega Genesis heyday will always remain the golden age of RPGs for me. There is no point in my life where I spent more time grinding levels, learning cure and fire spells, and frantically looking for a save point in a dungeon before my mom made me turn off my game! Let's see if we can ignite anyone else's nostalgia with this week's quiz.
Earn 50 J!NX EXP if you correctly answer at least 4 questions on the quiz!
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Which company dominated the market for SNES RPGs and eventually merged with their long-time rival, Enix?


Capcom is best known for fighting games like Street Fighter, but they also released a RPG series that got its start on the SNES, where the main character (also named Ryu!) could turn into a dragon to fight his enemies. What was the name of this series?


Which character from the game, Earthbound, uses telekinetic powers and made his return to relevance in the Super Smash Brothers series?


In Final Fantasy 3, which character will be lost forever and unobtainable in the World of Ruin, if you don't wait for him/her before fleeing the Floating Continent?


In Final Fantasy 2, this is the first time we are introduced to Call Monsters (aka Summons) in the series, which character is the only one able to call them?


What time-traveling RPG allowed you to recruit characters across time like a cave-woman, a knight turned into a frog, and a bad ass scythe-wielding mage, all in a quest to destory the evil Lavos?


Super Mario RPG had this interesting battle mechanic long before Kratos in God-of-War. What was it?


Which series for the Sega Genesis was set in another galaxy of worlds, featured both magical monsters and cyborgs, and had a cool macro battle system, where you could program your actions for your characters?


Ogre Battle was probably one of the first RTS-styled games for a console, allowing you to control an army of 100 characters with an amazing variety of classes and placed into battle units that you commanded. What are you able to use in battle to gain special abilities or cast magic?


In 'The Legend of Zelda - A Link to the Past', instead of time-traveling, the game employed this game mechanic to make puzzles and gameplay interesting.