Video Game Vehicles

This week's Trivia: Video Game Vehicles

This week's quiz brought to you by recent warehouse additionDonJose. Controlling a video game character can be fun, but controlling a character controlling a vehicle seems like it could be twice as fun! Enjoy the ride.
Earn 50 J!NX EXP if you correctly answer at least 4 questions on the quiz!
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Which NES motocross launch title also featured a design mode that allowed players to create custom race tracks?


Which all terrain vehicle featured in the game, Halo, came equipped with a mounted machine gun to let a homie blast bullets into the Covenant?


In the versus mode of Starfox 64, you can control a jet fighter, a tank, and which third option?


Named after the coast where D-day was set, Commander Shepard hitched a ride on which starship?


What was the tank-like boss in Twisted Metal 2?


In which popular PC franchise would you destroy tanks, infantry, and other battle mechs?


Exclusively for Playstation, which real driving simulator allowed you to play a number of licensed cars, with state-of-the-art physics?


After maturing a bit in Zelda 64, Link earns himself a horse to travel around Hyrule in style. What was the name of this horse?


In World of Warcraft, what trinket could you earn in Zul'Farrak to travel 3% faster while mounted in Azeroth?


Liberty City is the place to live your crime spree fantasies in which classic free roaming video game series?