Energy Drinks

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Energy Drinks

Any late night gaming and/or coding session must be fueled by proper sustenance. For most of the devout, that means the ever-popular energy drink. Sales Guru, Furiouscow brings us 10 questions about the gamer's lifeblood.
Earn 50 J!NX EXP if you correctly answer at least 4 questions on the quiz!
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Red Bull holds a competition called "Flugtag". Teams of 5 work together in building gravity-defying aircrafts. Once the aircraft is built, one member from the team pilots the aircraft while the other 4 help launch it off a pier. In English, what does "Flugtag" translate into?


Monster Energy Co. has three claw marks as their logo. What monster do they use to represent the brand?


There has been an upsurge in the distribution of alcoholic energy drinks. Which of the following has been banned in several areas?


"Crash-and-Burn" is a feeling you get once the caffeine has worn off and leaves you dehydrated. Crash and Burn are part of nicknames for two characters in what movie?


Jolt Cola was introduced in the mid '80s; what was their original slogan?


Powerade, introduced to compete with Gatorade was developed by which company?


PepsiCo launched their first energy drink in 1995; they were also the first major US beverage company to introduce one. The energy drink fizzled shortly after its introduction. What was their first energy drink called?


Bawls is a popular drink for those late night gaming sessions and for giving you the "natural" kick to help you stay awake. What's the natural ingredient found in all their products?


After PepsiCo discontinued their first energy drink, they came back with an energy drink called AMP that is now ranked 4th among the top sellers. What carbonated beverage did they originally develop AMP around?


What body part is Red Bull reputed to give you?