Comic-Con 2012

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Comic-Con 2012

It's been referred to as the mecca of geek culture. Fans of video games, movie, TV, anime, steampunk, fantasy, and yes sometimes comics, all flock to San Diego once a year to celebrate their passions. Attending since he was 9, original quizmaster Nooch returns with a quiz about the biggest pop-culture con in the world.
Earn 50 J!NX EXP if you correctly answer at least 4 questions on the quiz!
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The tenth anniversary of which of the following fan favorite shows was held at SDCC 2012?


A huge part of the event is the Eisner Awards, honoring the year's best in comics. Which of the following won Best Continuing Series in 2012?


In recent years, the show has run from Thursday to Sunday, with a few attendees having access to "Preview Night" on Wednesday. On which day is the Masquerade Ball held?


Activision made an announcement for a new solo game featuring which "merc with a mouth" at SDCC 2012?


Show exclusives are a main attraction to Comic-Con. Which of these books was offered as an exclusive from one of my favorite publishers, IDW?


What is the name of the Avengers spinoff short that was teased and even previewed at SDCC 2012?


Which upcoming show featuring DC's "Emerald Archer" took center stage at a panel at SDCC 2012?


The Walking Dead set up an "infected area" of zombies at which of these sites neighboring the San Diego Convention Center?


Speaking of offsite events, what was the homebase of our favorite video production company, Geek & Sundry?


Announced at SDCC 2012, what is the title of the new Street Fighter live action series to be produced by the makers of viral video, Street Fighter: Legacy?