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Unicorns. Why have we not had a quiz about unicorns? They are magical and wonderful and the embodiment of all that is good. Here for your quizing enjoyment is some unicorn trivia.
Earn 50 J!NX EXP if you correctly answer at least 4 questions on the quiz!
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What civilization was first to thought to have mentioned the unicorn?


In the movie Legend the main character Jack takes his true love Lily to see the unicorns. Why was Lily able to touch the unicorn?


Many old curiosity shoppes would use the horn of this sea creature to sell as the horn of the unicorn.


In the movie The Last Unicorn, Schmendrick the magician turns a unicorn into a woman. What name do they give her?


This game by Bennett Foddy featuring a unicorn is based on physics and uses four keys to make the unicorn walk.


According to the Harry Potter universe what color is unicorn blood?


In Diablo III you can enter a level that allows you to fight Flowers, Gummy Bears and of course Purple Unicorns. What is the level called?


What is the Greek name for unicorn that is also the name for the constellation of stars, that much like unicorns, are not easily visible with the human eye?


What is the name for a unicorn horn?


In the popluar webseries The Guild one of the characters wants their head on the body of a unicorn. Which character was it?