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We are human and it is in our nature to stab, shoot, hurl, lob, and blow things up. Past, Present and Future are covered in this weeks trivia about weapons.
Earn 50 J!NX EXP if you correctly answer at least 4 questions on the quiz!
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This naval weapon is a self propelled explosive device that was described as early as 1275 BC


These Chinese hand weapons are two rings with protruding flame style blades.


This flexible bladed 16th century sword shares a name with the main character in the upcoming epic 'The Hobbit'


Filled with propelant gas and some type of ignitable liquid, these weapons were used in trench warfare in WWI and in depictions of ancient warfare in the first century.


These weapons of mass destruction have been detonated for testing and demonstration purposes over 2,000 times but have only been used in warfare 2 times.


Although not officially used in modern wepons to inflict damage, these are used to help aim weapons.


This weapon of choice for gangsters in the 20's this gun had a lot of nicknames such as "Chicgo Typewriter" "Trench Broom" "The Chopper" and "Tommy Gun"


A Ballista, a Springald, an Onager and a Trebuchet are all different kinds of these early siege weapons.


Developed in China, these tubes used gun powder to launch large balls of stone, iron, or lead into their targets.


Futuristic yet real this weapon deploys 24 electrified probes at the same time in a single direction.