Gamer Speak

This week's Trivia: Gamer Speak

To the untrained ear it sounds like gibberish but there are certain words you must learn in order to sound legit in the gaming world. Take this weeks trivia to see how much you know.
Earn 50 J!NX EXP if you correctly answer at least 4 questions on the quiz!
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Supposedly derived from the word "New" this term applies to someone who is either not doing so well in the game or is truly new to it.


An unfriendly creature or "thing that will attack you" in a game is referred to as a?


NPC stands for what?


The hardest thing to kill in a game is referred to as?


This is the term used when you do better than another player and you must make it known in the most dramatic way possible.


What is the term for when you walk to close too a mob and it attacks you?


This term applies to anyone who sits at a spawn point and waits to kill players in a PVP environment.


The term for a player with better than average gear for their level.


The appropriate response when a player reaches the next level.


Before consoles in the day of the arcade there was an unspoken language to tell the people near a particular game that you were you next. How did people say this?