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Thank goodness the pinball machine here at the Fortress is free. I can't imagine how many quarters must have passed through these wonderfully addicting games over the years. Test how much you know about Pinball in this weeks trivia brought to you by Fuzzy.
Earn 50 J!NX EXP if you correctly answer at least 4 questions on the quiz!
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During the '90s, pinball went through a major resurgence. Pat Lawlor is responsible for two games from the period that are considered classics. Addams Family was one, what is the second? (Hint: The J!NX Fortress has a copy)


This group is responsible for holding the yearly pinball world championships, and is generally acknowledged as the definitive ruling body in the field. In the world of competitive pinball, what does PAPA stand for?


What is the name for the devices (generally) found at the bottom of a pinball game by which the player can attempt to control the ball?


The object of the game in pinball is to score as many points as possible before the ball leaves play. What is it called when the ball goes straight down the center, through the gap in the devices referenced in Q3?


While many players do not attempt to nudge a pinball game, what is it called when the machine is bumped too hard and usually will end play?


What is the name for a very high scoring single shot in a game of pinball? Most games will loudly announce whenever this is achieved.


What game, that is similar to the very early pinball games uses small steel ball bearings, is vertical instead of horizontal, and is very popular in Japan?


While most pinball games, much like many arcade games, have a high score list, what is the name for the highest scoring player on that machine?


Most games have a set number of points a player must achieve to get a free replay, but what else happens when the player gets past this amount of points?


Most pinball games have some way to lock the ball in play a set number of times eventually releasing them all onto the play field at once. What is it called when all the locked balls are released into play at the same time?