Doctor Who Anniversary Edition

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Doctor Who Anniversary Edition

November 23rd 1963, just about tea time, a very special show started. Despite numerous wibbly wobbly moments along the way, getting cancelled twice, a decidedly dodgy movie and Bonnie Langford that show is now more popular than ever. That show is Doctor Who.
Earn 50 J!NX EXP if you correctly answer at least 4 questions on the quiz!
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The first time we ever see the TARDIS it is where?


Introduced as a Mark III Travel Machine these warped creatures became known as?


When on Earth the Doctor quite often uses which very human sounding name?


The Doctor, particularly his fourth incarnation, had a fondness for a certain sweet. What was it?


What logo, last seen in 1966, returns to the door of the TARDIS in the episode 'The Eleventh Hour', Matt Smith's first full episode as The Doctor?


Which famous author wrote 'The Pirate Planet' a story from 1978?


Which race of creatures are also know as the lonely assassins?


The Pandorica, the prison designed to hold the Doctor, was originally hidden where?


The current series of Doctor Who is described as Season Seven. How many seasons of Doctor Who have there actually been?


The Cybermen originally came from the planet Mondas. When they reappeared in 2006 they came from where?