Not Really Christmas Movies

This week's Trivia: Not Really Christmas Movies

This quiz is all about those movies that are not Christmas Movies but still have a wintry theme and an occasional appearance from Santa...or terrorists.
Earn 50 J!NX EXP if you correctly answer at least 4 questions on the quiz!
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What is the name of the main character in Die Hard?


In the movie Gremlins. Character Kate Beringer tells a sad story about Christmas. According to the story, who got stuck in their chimney on Christmas Eve?


Enemy of the State is a Political Suspense movie starring this actor who also starred in The Pursuit of Happyness?


First Blood is the prequel to this popular movie series?


Batman Returns takes place in a Christmasy Gotham. Which super villian makes his appearance in this flick?


Riggs played by Mel Gibson gives his partner what symbolic gift at the end of the movie? He had been saving it to commit suicide.


In Harry Potter, Ron and Harry both get Christmas sweaters knitted by whom?


On a lone Christmas day mission Chris Burnett finds himself shot down in the movie Behind Enemy Lines. Who is the actor who plays the main character Chris?


In the movie While You Were Sleeping, Sandra Bullock falls in love with a man in a coma. How did he get injured?


In the movie Hook Peter Pan grows up and marries who?