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More Robots

Even the Greek gods had golden mechanical servants trained to assist them with their labors. Robots have been a fascination of humans for as long as we have existed.
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The word "Robot" first appeared in the 1920 Karel Capek's play named what?


For over 50 years the Avengers have battled this continually upgrading sentient robot bent on destruction.


Issac Asimov created the three laws of robotics. What is the number one rule?


Under normal house conditions, this Robot is able to autonomously vacuum the floor while navigating a living space to avoid common obstacles.


The T-100 Terminator Robot has what kind of core that fuels it's functions?


The most recent robot to land on Mars is called what? (this is also commonly the death of cats)


In the movie Forbidden Planet, Robby the Robot makes 60 gallons of what alcoholic beverage for the ships cook?


In CBS show "The Big Bang Theory" which character gets called to HR for making a 6 breasted robot using company materials?


What post apocalyptic living creature is the robot Wall-e's best friend/pet?


What is the name of the robot in the 2005 movie "I Robot" starring Will Smith