All things Horror

This week's Trivia: All things Horror

We all love a good scare. Whether it be from movies, books, video games, or comics, everyone could use a little fright every now and then. Taking this quiz might not be so bloodcurdling, but you should still take it. What, are you scared?
Earn 50 J!NX EXP if you correctly answer at least 4 questions on the quiz!
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In George A. Romero's "Dawn of the Dead", where are the survivors holed up?


Who was the artist of the best-selling comic book series that spawned the hit movie, "30 Days of Night"?


In the original "Silent Hill" video game, what was the name of the demon that the cult was attempting to summon into this world?


What appendage does Dr. Lawrence Gordon have to remove to escape the the first "Saw" movie (2004)?


In the comic book series, "The Walking Dead", what is the name of the main character who leads the group of survivors in the prison?


What HBO series featured stand-alone stories presented by the lovable "Crypt Keeper"?


What is the name of the hotel in Stephen King's "The Shining"?


In the original "Dracula" novel, what is the first name of Professor Van Helsing?


What is the name of the camp that is the setting for the carnage in the first "Friday the 13th"?


What's the name of the scary-@$$ little girl from "The Ring" (American version)?