Michael Bay

This week's Trivia: Michael Bay

Boom! Love him or hate him, Michael Bay has delivered some of the most explosive films in movie history. How much do you really know about Bay's movie making history? Let's find out! BOOM!
Earn 50 J!NX EXP if you correctly answer at least 4 questions on the quiz!
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Boom! What was Michael Bay's first big movie as director?


Boom! What movie marked Michael Bay's first speaking role as an actor?


Boom! Which Michael Bay movie has the most explosions in it?


Boom! Which Michael Bay movie has the FEWEST explosions in it?


Boom! In 2008, Michael Bay was challenged to a charity boxing match by which other filmmaker that movie fans love to hate?


Boom! Reportedly, Michael Bay turned down the offer to direct Van Helsing. Why?


Boom! Michael Bay directed the Transformers movies, but what other popular '80s franchise is he attached to as a producer?


Boom! Two of Michael Bay's films have made it into the Criterion Collection. One is The Rock. The other is…?


Boom! Michael Bay famously froze up and walked off stage at which Vegas trade show?


Boom! As of the date of this quiz, what is the next Michael Bay directed movie coming out this year?