The Dresden Files

This week's Trivia: The Dresden Files

Harry Dresden is Chicago's premiere wizard for hire, and The Dresden Files is an amazing series of novels that follow his adventures as a private eye specializing in supernatural crime. How much do you know about Dresden and his world?
(brought to you by our own Cynlan)
Earn 50 J!NX EXP if you correctly answer at least 4 questions on the quiz!
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Harry has a long name. Which of the options below is not a part of Harry's full name?


What is the title of the first Dresden Files book?


Ebeneezer McCoy, Harry's mentor, calls him by which nickname?


Bob is Harry's talking skull, but he's more than that. What is he, really?


The Dresden Files was turned into a short-lived TV show by the Sci Fi Channel. Despite the numerous changes made to Harry and his world, which Dresden Files novel got loosely adapted as an episode?


Harry wears a special silver pentacle necklace. Who owned it before him?


What is the name of Harry's car?


Harry Dresden considers himself a loner, but he does eventually take on a student. Who is his "padawan" apprentice?


Harry owns two pets, a dog and a cat. What is the cat's name?


Who's the author of The Dresden Files?