This week's Trivia: Taglines

How else would you know which console or game you should buy if there isn't a snappy tagline to entice you? This week's quiz is all about taglines.
Earn 50 J!NX EXP if you correctly answer at least 4 questions on the quiz!
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Which gaming system, released in America in 1985, had the moniker "Now you’re playing with power" ?


Actors such as Mr. T, William Shatner, and Jean-Claude Van Damnne all uttered this tagline to entice you to play World of Warcraft.


In 2002 the UK banned a commercial for this console that featured the tagline "Life is short. Play more."


The Nintendo DS used this catchphrase for embracing the new touch controls.


"Genesis Does What Nintendon’t" Was a tagline developed by which company?


"Finish the Fight" enticed more single day consumer spending on September 25, 2007 than any previous entertainment launch. Which game was it for?


In the Nintendo Wii commercials "Wii Would Like To Play" was the tag line but who was saying it?


Reflecting the focus on realism for which EA Sports is now known, what has become their tagline?


Which company used catchy audio branding by having their brand name screamed at the end of their commercials?


"Live in your world, play in ours" Is probably one of the most appropriate and imaginative slogans for describing video games. Which company uses this phrase?