Final Fantasy

This week's Trivia: Final Fantasy

Who loves gorgeously rendered Japanese-looking CGI characters? I know I do. No one does those better than the folks at Square with their FF games. It's impossible for anyone to know everything about each of the games they've put out, but maybe you can at least figure out these 10 little gems.
Earn 50 J!NX EXP if you correctly answer at least 4 questions on the quiz!
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Throughout the Final Fantasy games, what are the large mountable bird creatures called?


In FFVII, what was the name of the capital city?


What is the true name of the character often referred to as the "Dragon King"?


Lifestream is cultivated by which company to refine into Mako Energy?


What is the name of the sword that has appeared in every installment of Final Fantasy that is also carried by Sephiroth?


Who is the main protagonist in FFVII?


What is the name of the sport that is played in FFX and FFX-2 in a spherical ball of water?


FFXI uses the concept of jobs, several of which are mages. How many different types of mages are there?


The entire FF series has been known for having some great musical scores. Which of the following composers would be most associated with the music of the Final Fantasy games and movies?


Final Fantasy VI was actually released in the United States originally under what title?