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The J!NX Geek and Gamer Trivia is a great way to show your friends that they have inferior minds and should bow before your infinite mental powers. It's also a crafty way to get J!NX EXP and level up your account.

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I am a snively little prick.
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A Frustratingly Difficult Quiz!


Olivia "Liv" Moore had it all, but turning into a zombie has a way of ruining one's life. Loosely based on the DC Comics book of the same name, iZOMBIE follows Liv's life after zombification. How much do you know about the first season of this show? Let's test your knowledge!
Liv works at the King County morgue, but what was her pre-zombification profession?

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A Frustratingly Difficult Quiz!


Once solely the purview of fan art, genderbending is the practice of changing a character's gender, usually from male to female. How familiar are you with genderbent characters and their place in modern entertainment? Let's find out!
Battlestar Galactica changed this character's gender when it was relaunched back in 2004:
A Frustratingly Difficult Quiz!

Jonathan Coulton

Singer/songwriter Jonathan Coulton (AKA JoCo) is as geeky as they come, and the vast majority of his fame was made on the internet with songs about mad scientists, monkeys, and zombies. How much do you know about JoCo? Test your knowledge here!
JoCo's songs ended up in three Valve games. Which game featured the song Re: Your Brains?
A Frustratingly Difficult Quiz!

Arrow Season 1

Marvel Comics may have conquered movies, but DC Comics is dominating in television and Arrow is one of its biggest hits right now. How familiar are you with the vigilante's first season escapades in Starling City? Let's find out!
Arrow follows the adventures of Oliver Queen as he fights crime in his home city of…?
A Frustratingly Difficult Quiz!

The Paul and Storm "X Is the Name of My Y Cover Band" Quiz

Paul and Storm make entertaining music, and they usually pepper their performances with cover/tribute band gags. You know, like this: “They're not Jonathan Coulton, and That's OK” is the name of my Paul and Storm cover band. Got it? Good! Let's see if you can match up past cover band gags from classic Paul and Storm shows.
“__________” is the name of my New Kids on the Block cover band.

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