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Current Quiz: Final Fantasy

A Frustratingly Difficult Quiz!
The Final Fantasy games are some of the best JRPGs ever, with memorable characters, moving soundtracks and hours of enjoyment. How much do you know about the different iterations of Final Fantasy?
The list of playable characters in Final Fantasy games is… sizable, to be modest. Which of the characters below is not playable in any Final Fantasy game?

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    Yeah, yeah, there was a Highlander quiz a few years back. That one took into account the apocryphal sequels and TV show, though. How much do you know about the original film that started it all (and the one that should have ended it all)? Test yourself, Immortal!
    According to purists, "there can be only one" Highlander movie. Not counting director's cuts or animation, how many sequels are we ignoring for this quiz?
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    Most zombie stories don't last long. You get a novel, or a movie, and it's done and over. The Walking Dead proves that an ongoing zombie story has real staying power, but how much do you know about the post-zombie apocalypse setting that Rick inhabits? Let's find out!
    The Walking Dead has become truly multimedia over the years, but what form did the series first take when it debuted in 2003?
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    What is Mad Max's last name?
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    After a long day of non-stop video games, some fuel for the body is just what you need. The question is, do you make a tasty sandwich or savor some soup? That might be easy to answer compared to the rest of this quiz!
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