Tweakfest Home Contest #118: As Seen on TV

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Adventurer PSYKE

The Zombie Shopping Network is proud to announce the return of the very successful "Brain Drain" 2n1 Juicer and Dehydrator for all your hunger-for-the-living and brain consuming needs! But now only $19.95! BUT WAIT, THAT'S NOT ALL! Our favorite 'Zom-buddy' Vince, formally the tasty corpse that the living knew as "SHAM-WOW GUY", has a special bonus offer for you if you call within the next 20min! Free Brain Jelly while supplies last!CALL NOW! 1-800-AAA-AARG!! JUST MASH THE PHONE THING OR SCREAM AT IT, WE'LL ANSWER!!! AAAAR BRAINS NOM NOM!



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