Tweakfest Home Contest #134: Tabloid News

Contest: Tabloid News!


Average Rating: 3.36
Legend Oopsie Daisy

A Koozpaper not a snoozepaper!

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1st Runner-Up
Average Rating: 3.28
Legend Lando

Con los terroristas?

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2nd Runner-Up
Average Rating: 3.02

3rd Runner-Up
Average Rating: 2.82
Legend PK

Extra Extra, read all about it! The times where being a paperboy was serious business. Tried a new technique I just learned, so there may be a little 'funkiness' to it, so please excuse any of that and enjoy!

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Contest Details

She did what? What is Brolo wearing this season? Which J!NX crew member was caught stealing food from the break room fridge? Which employees were caught holding hands in the Gas Lamp district? Tabloids have long exploited celebrities every day activities. It is now up to you to exploit the J!NX crew! Any publicity is good publicity!
Grand Prize: 10,000 J!NX Gold and 500 EXP, A Spy Camera, Spy Glasses,
First Runner-Up: 2000 J!NX Gold and 500 EXP
Second Runner-Up: 1000 J!NX Gold and 250 EXP
Third Runner- Up: 500 J!NX Gold and 100 EXP
J!NX Crew Award: 100 J!NX Gold and 100 EXP