Tweakfest Home Contest #150: Carnival

Contest: Carnival !


Average Rating: 3.48


1st Runner-Up
Average Rating: 3.21
Adventurer zerocub


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2nd Runner-Up
Average Rating: 3.05
Legend Lando

"Yo baby, your phasers must be set to 'stunning', because I can't feel my tribbles."

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3rd Runner-Up
Average Rating: 2.94


Contest Details

The Food is great, the games are a rip off and occasionally there is a good freak show or pony ride. We want you to tweak the crew into a Carnival. They can be attending the carnival or working at it, you decide!!!
Grand Prize: 10,000 J!NX Gold and 500 EXP, YUM, Flava,
First Runner-Up: 2000 J!NX Gold and 500 EXP
Second Runner-Up: 1000 J!NX Gold and 250 EXP
Third Runner- Up: 500 J!NX Gold and 100 EXP
J!NX Crew Award: 100 J!NX Gold and 100 EXP