Tweakfest Home Contest #57: PWNED!

Contest: PWNED!!


Average Rating: 3.05
Champion Kiqi

Thanks for standing still, wanker...

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1st Runner-Up
Average Rating: 3.04
Hero Direhoof

Imagine my amazement when I went back into the store and saw this. And to think that they said they were doing me a favor by giving me $10.00 for it.

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2nd Runner-Up
Average Rating: 2.94
Minion JuanFco

This noob white figure didnt make the awesome photo on the top! so he got pwned!

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3rd Runner-Up
Average Rating: 2.93
Adventurer Noodleworm

PWNED by his own wii! or possibly by an xbox/playstation gamer

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J!NX Crew Choice

J!NX Crew Award
Average Rating: 2.88
Acolyte Ulysses

There's 50 rookery whelps there. Count them.

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WTF Award

WTF Award
Average Rating: 2.86
Gladiator Lutinkitten

Rumor has it he was allergic to cat dander.

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Contest Details

It's a very simple concept. When one must announce one's spectacular and unequivocal victory over another, an announcement must be made to alert all within earshot that domination has occurred. This tweakfest is in honor of that nameless gamer who lost all typing accuracy in his or her triumphant fervor and, quite by accident, took 'OWNED' to a whole new level...and letter. Now is your chance to pwn a J!NX Crew member, or have them pwn you (we don't judge). Feel free to use one of the photos below, or any other you might find on the site, but it MUST be a J!NX Crew member. Let's see those headshots!