Tweakfest Home Contest #86: TweakCraft

Contest: TweakCraft!


Average Rating: 4.02
Conqueror bbrocker

Creeper at make out point.

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1st Runner-Up
Average Rating: 3.68

2nd Runner-Up
Average Rating: 3.40
Adventurer salesmax

Wake up in a strange island, and start to punch trees to get wood. Who cares about your hands, because you don't feel pain when you punch blocks, but you get hurt if you fell down 4 blocks.

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3rd Runner-Up
Average Rating: 3.22
Acolyte Madjus

This is my first try, hope you like it!

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J!NX Crew Choice

J!NX Crew Award
Average Rating: 3.17
Gladiator Thermal Knome

And thus a new generation was born! The Age of the Pig Riders is upon us!

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Contest Details

Minecraft is a sandbox construction game where you create and destroy various types of blocks. Your mission, should you choose to accept, is to merge the three dimensional world of creepers and blocks with the stunning portraits of various J!NX crew members. Use the photos allotted, or any other J!NX crew photos you stumble upon. Best wishesssssssssss!
Grand Prize: 10,000 J!NX Gold, 500 EXP, 3 J!NX Minecraft shirts of your choosing, and a mini pickaxe, for all your mining needs.
First Runner-Up: 500 J!NX Gold and 500 EXP
Second Runner-Up: 250 J!NX Gold and 250 EXP
Third Runner- Up: 100 J!NX Gold and 100 EXP
J!NX Crew Award: 100 J!NX Gold and 100 EXP
WTF Award: 0 J!NX Gold and 5 EXP