Tweakfest Home Contest #94: Cowboys vs. Aliens

Contest: Cowboys vs. Aliens!


Average Rating: 3.44
Hero Enrique

A tribute to Sergio Leone's film.

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1st Runner-Up
Average Rating: 3.24

2nd Runner-Up
Average Rating: 3.08
Legend Rex Banner

The cowboys, smug in their victory did not consider the horror they had awoken.... BEETIES!" (*cue jingle*) Beeties, the monsters who rip your flesh! Beeties, so bouncy and FUN! Beeties, they pursue you across the wastes until you drop from exhaustion and then they devour you while you scream soundlessly! BEETIES!

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3rd Runner-Up
Average Rating: 2.62


Contest Details

This pretty much doesn't even warrant an explanation. Cowboys vs. Aliens with a little J!NX Crew in the middle. Three epic elements for a Tweakfest entry. Make it happen.
Grand Prize: 10,000 J!NX Gold, 500 EXP, a Cowboy Play Set, and an Alien.
First Runner-Up: 500 J!NX Gold and 500 EXP
Second Runner-Up: 250 J!NX Gold and 250 EXP
Third Runner- Up: 100 J!NX Gold and 100 EXP
J!NX Crew Award: 100 J!NX Gold and 100 EXP
WTF Award: 0 J!NX Gold and 5 EXP