Wishing Is Good

A Wish List is a list of products that you can build and send out to the people in your life with money. It's easy! Create a new wishlist below, then just browse the site and click "Add to Wish List" on the booty that you want. That's just finrad, dude. Yeah...finrad.

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If you want to create/edit/delete/incinerate/delineate/masticate a wish list of your own, then you'll have to login, dude (or dudette. I have no clue if you're male or female. I mean, how could I? First of all, I am a computer. I've got transistors and cathode ray tubes instead of a brain and eyes. Second...ok, there is no second point, I just like saying "First of all", it sounds cool.)Them's the rules, and if ya don't like 'em, then your wishes won't come true. >_<;;


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